Projects 2015-17


For 2015-17, three key faculty in European Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison carried out a European Commission Erasmus Plus Jean Monnet Action Project, whose overarching goals included:

  • Promotion of scholarship and teaching aimed at broadening and deepening knowledge of the European Union and EU Studies in particular fields of high-level research;
  • Provision of content for civil society in global level EU/US matters including regional and national media, local governmental agencies, civil society groups, businesses, and international scholarly and public policy networks including EU’s Horizon 2020;
  • Intensification of personal linkages between EU and US students, academics, and policymakers; and
  • Enhancement of community and international resources which foster expansive in-depth coverage of transatlantic matters with global reach and implications.
Good Governance in the EU: Improving Performance and Reducing Burdens (Professor Don Moynihan, Public Affairs)

Professor Moynihan led a research project entitled  He investigated a dramatic change in public sector governance to “performance regimes” characterized by performance metrics at multiple levels. He wrote a report on a workshop on Designing Sector Performance here.

EU/US Comparative Gender Equality Reforms in Institutions of Higher Education (Myra Marx Ferree, Sociology) 

Professor Marx Ferree led the project  which investigated changing strategies and contexts for advancing women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields in large and increasingly competitive markets.

Global Issues and the European Union (Professor Mark Copelovitch, Political Science & Public Affairs) 

Professor Copelovich led the research group , which examined the EU’s role in key international issue areas and international institutions.