EU Simulation

Welcome to the European Union Simulation Module (EUSM)! The topic of this module is the EU Chocolate Directive. On these pages you will find material to hold an in-class simulation of the EU policy-making process. The materials for this module are geared towards middle and high-school levels, but may well be used at the college level as a general introduction to the EU.

Why the European Union?
The European Union is an increasingly important player on the international scene. EU policy often has a significant impact on the United States and the world. Its twenty-eight member nations represent a wide range of cultures, interests and perspectives, thus an introduction to the EU is an excellent way to broaden horizons.

Why a simulation?

“Students learn more, are more engaged and pay attention to related events after the course is over”– Jason Ackleson, New Mexico State University

An EU simulation provides “participants with a novel and beneficial learning experience, communicating a complex subject-matter in a highly motivating manner and facilitating the effective teaching of a range of transferable skills” – Professor Thomas Christiansen, University of Wales – Aberystwyth

The chocolate simulation is a novel way to teach students about the European Union and some of the important issues its members must deal with as the EU becomes increasingly integrated. Student teams represent a member country, develop a position regarding chocolate regulation and scheme to reach the best outcome for their country. Along the way, they develop important skills, including:
• research
• analysis
• negotiation and debate
• speaking and writing
• critical thinking
• team work
• independent work

Why chocolate?

You need to ask? Chocolate has a fascinating history, especially in Europe. With the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs, chocolate was introduced to Europe in the 1500s. Over the centuries, strong cultural traditions have developed in each country. Opinions as to what exactly is chocolate are based on these traditions and lead to the 30+ year chocolate battle within the European Union. The resulting debate was – and still is – lively, animated and frequently entertaining.
Everything you need to hold the EU chocolate simulation in your class is found on these pages- except the chocolate!

Table of Contents:

The Great European Union Chocolate Battle

The Chocolate Battle for Teachers


Assigning Country Teams

Assignment Suggestions

Simulation Materials

The First Session

The Second Session

The Simulation

Teaching the EU