Affiliated Faculty

Below are our affiliated faculty listed by department:

Agricultural & Life Sciences| Art History | Business | Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies | Communication Arts | Comparative Literature & Folklore Studies | Consumer Science | Curriculum & Instruction | Economics |Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis | Education Policy Studies | Engineering | English | Environmental, Textiles and Design | European Studies | Finance | French | Forest & Wildlife Ecology | Geography | German, Nordic, Slavic | History | Human Ecology | ItalianJournalism & Mass Communication | La Follette School of Public Affairs | Law | Life Sciences Communication | Linguistics Management & Human Resources | Marketing | Medical History & Bioethics | Memorial Library | Music | PhilosophyPlanning and Landscape Architecture | Political Science | Population Health Science | Professional French Masters Program School of Library and Information Sciences  | Social & Administrative Pharmacy | Sociology | Spanish & Portuguese |  Women’s Studies

Agricultural & Life Sciences 

Assistant Prof. Paul Downer | Email
Development economics, institutions and economic behavior, economic history

Art History

Assistant Prof. Carolina Alarcon | Email
Natural and medical science during the Spanish Renaissance

Prof. Nicholas Cahill | Email
Ancient Art, Greek and Roman

Prof. Jill Casid | Email
Visual Culture, early modern to contemporary, Europe and the Americas; Colonial Cultural Studies and Postcolonial Theory;Media and Technology Studies; Gender Studies and Queer Theory

Prof. Thomas Dale | Email
Early Christian, Medieval and Byzantine art; Romanesque art (representations of the body); San Marco in Venice; the cult of the saints

Senior Lecturer Emeritus Dan Fuller | Email
History of Photography

Prof. Nancy Rose Marshall | Email
Nineteenth-century French Art, Victorian Britain

Prof. Emeritus Narciso Menocal | Email
Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twentieth century European Architecture

Assistant Prof. Jennifer Pruitt | Email
Medieval Mediterranean Religion

Assistant Prof. Daniel Spaulding | Email

20th century art in Western Europe; Marxism and Critical Theory; history of art history, Romanticism, Formalism, Contemporary Art


Prof. Urban Wemmerlov| | Email
Cellular manufacturing, Change, initiating and implementing, Cross-functional management, Implementation, Just-in-time systems, Manufacturing information systems, Manufacturing management

Prof. John Wild| | Email
Corporate governance, Earnings quality, Financial accounting, Financial reporting, International accounting, International business, Managerial accounting and control

Classical and Near Eastern Studies

Prof. and Department Chair William Aylward | Email
Greek and Roman Archaeology; Roman Provincial Studies, History of Architecture

Prof. Jeffrey Beneker | Email
Ancient Biography & Historiography; Republican and Augustan Literature and Civilization

Associate Prof. William Brockliss | Email
Homer, Greek literature; interactions between literary texts and the natural environment; monsters and the monstrous; the classical tradition

Associate Prof. Alex Dressler | Email
Republican and Imperial Latin Literature, Ancient (esp. Hellenistic) Philosophy, Christian Latin Literature, Gender and Sexuality, Theory and Criticism, Ancient and Modern Aesthetic Theory, Ancient Materialism and Idealism

Prof. Laura McClure | Email
Greek Literature, Ancient Gender Studies, Classical Tradition

Prof. James McKeown | Email
Latin Literature, especially Ovid

Associate Prof. Grant Nelsestuen | Email
Roman cultural history, Latin prose

Associate Prof. Nandini B. Pandey | Email
Ancient Roman Literature and Empire

Prof. John Scarborough | Email
Greek and Roman medicine and pharmacy

Prof. Mike Vanden Heuvel | Email
Dramatic Criticism, Theatre and Performance Theory

Communication Arts

Prof. and Department Chair Kelley Conway | Email
French film of all eras, gender studies, music and film, and the intersections between film and other forms of popular culture

Comparative Literature & Folklore Studies

Prof. Emerita Mary Layoun | Email
Nationalism and gender, narrative, politics and culture, feminisms, international trade regimes and intellectual property

Prof. Christopher Livanos | Email
Byzantine literature, allegory, medieval European poetry, Renaissance humanism, epic, individualism and community, literature and religion, heroes and monsters

Associate Prof. Max Statkiewicz | Email
Classics, history of ancient philosophy, theory of literature, Continental philosophy

Consumer Science

Prof. Emerita Lydia Zepeda | Email
Sustainable consumption and production, farm family labor, food labeling, and qualitative and quantitative methods

Curriculum & Instruction

Prof. Bernadette Baker | Email
Curriculum Theory and Research; Elementary Education; International Studies in Curriculum, Pedagogy & Teacher Education; Multicultural Education.

Prof. Emerita Marianne Bloch | Email
International Education (Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe, Sweden); Culture, Curriculum and Learning; Gender and Education; Early and Elementary Education; Family- School-Community Relationships

Prof. Thomas Popkewitz | Email
Political Sociology of Curriculum, Educational Reform & Change, Teacher Education, Educational Research and Comparative Education

Assistant Prof. Gail Prasad  | Email 
Second Language Education, Comparative, International & Development Education

Prof. Simone Schweber | Email
Jewish Studies, Social Studies, Religious Education, Moral Education, History Education

Prof. François Tochon | Email
World language education, French Education, International Studies in Curriculum, Pedagogy & Teacher Education


Prof. Menzie Chinn | Email
Empirical and policy aspects of macroeconomic interactions between countries; the euro as reserve currency; determinants of the trade deficit; how government debt and fiscal policy affect interest rates, and the interaction between capital controls and financial development.

Prof. Charles Engel | Email
International Economics, Macroeconomics, local-currency pricing and exchange-rate pass-through; empirical exchange rate models

Prof. James Walker | Email
Sweden’s welfare state, labor supply, fertility patterns

Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

Director of Global Higher Education Master’s Degree Program and Clinical Prof. Weijia Li | Email
Transnationalism, Asian German Studies, Anna Seghers and China, German-Jewish refugees in China.

Educational Policy Studies

Vilas Distinguished Achievement Prof. Adam Nelson | Email
History of education in the U.S. and Europe; European-American intellectual exchanges during the first half of the nineteenth century

Prof. William Reese | Email
History of education in Europe and America


Prof. Vicki Bier | Email
Security in the supply chain for foods and agricultural products, critical infrastructure protection, security, technological hazards, risk analysis, decision analysis, operations research

Prof. Emeritus Patrick Eagan | Email
Industrial environmental engineering, industrial ecology, remediation, design for environment, storm water, environmental engineering, water quality engineering and regulation, restoration of water resources, environmental management systems

Prof. Paul Wilson | Email
Energy policy, economic, political and environmental aspects of nuclear energy


Prof. Emily Auerbach | Email
British and American women writers; Nineteenth-century English novel; Jane Austen; Emily Dickinson; Music and Literature

Prof. Elizabeth Bearden | Email
Early modern prose and poetry, Reception of Antiquity, Comparative Literature, formal and philosophical approaches to literary study, Disability Studies

Prof. Richard Begam | Email
Twentieth-century British, Irish and Anglophone literature; modernism and modernity; literary theory and aesthetics, philosophy and literature; Beckett and Joyce

Prof. Michael Bernard-Donals | Email
Rhetorical Theory; Critical Theory, History and Memory

Halls-Bascom Prof. Karen Britland | Email
Early modern drama, women’s writing, Shakespeare, literature and politics in early modern England and France

Associate Prof. Joshua Calhoun | Email
Renaissance Lyric Poetry, Renaissance Drama, Poetics, Shakespeare, Spenser, Donne, Gascoigne, Media, the History of Reading, the Natural History of Texts, Papermaking, Historical Formalism, Miscellanies and Anthologies, Paleography, the Atlantic World

Associate Prof. Lisa Cooper | Email
Medieval literature, especially twelfth-to-fifteenth-century English and French romance; medieval material culture (especially the intertwined history of labor, technology, and commerce)

Hilldale Prof., Virginia Woolf Professor of English and Women’s Studies, Prof. Emerita Susan Stanford Friedman | Email
Twentieth-Century British, American, post-colonial literature, modernism, women’s writing, feminist theory and criticism, global/transnational/border studies, film, anthropology, and geography

Prof. Martin Foys | Email
Old English literature and Anglo-Saxon culture, medieval studies and popular culture, media theory and history, digital medievalism, digital humanities

Prof. Sara Guyer | Email
British and Continental Romanticism, Post-Holocaust Literatures, and Critical Theory.

Marjorie and Lorin Tiefenthaler Prof. Emerita Theresa Kelley | Email
Literary genre, Romanticism, Romantic women writers, literary theory

Prof. Mario Ortiz-Robles | Email
Nineteenth century comparative literature, literary theory, the novel

Associate Prof. Mary Trotter | Email
History of Irish theatre; feminism and theatre history; the relationship between identity and performance; Chair, Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies Program; Director, Celtic Studies Program

Associate Prof. Robin Valenza | Email
Restoration, eighteenth-century, and romantic literature and culture; history of science; digital humanities

Associate Prof. Mark Vareschi | Email
Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture, Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama, Digital Humanities, History of Authorship, History of the Book, Intellectual Property, Philosophy and Literature, Literary Theory, Gender and Sexuality

Prof. Anja Wanner | Email
Theory of grammar, English syntax and morphology, lexical semantics, text analysis, genres of academic discourse, and language change

Associate Prof. Jordan Zweck | Email
Old English, medieval studies, medieval documentary culture, sound studies, media studies, history of the English language, history of the book, Old Norse

Environment, Textiles & Design

Prof. Wei Dong | Email
Design visualization which refers to the use of both manual and digital media to visualize buildings and their associated interior and exterior spaces; integration of digital media into the environmental design process

European Studies

ES Executive Director and Faculty Associate Elizabeth Covington | Email


Frank Graner Prof. Antonio Mello | Email
Asset pricing, Corporate finance, International finance, Privatization, Valuation theory


Associate Prof. Joshua Armstrong | Email
Twentieth and Twenty-first century French and Francophone literature and culture. Experimental, performance-bound literature. Urban poetics and the everyday. Perception, space, and materiality in philosophy and literature. Geocritical and cartographic theory.

Prof. Gilles Bousquet | Email
Nineteenth century French literature and Nineteenth and Twentieth century French society and culture, in particular social and intellectual life since the sixties, French for business

Prof. Martine Debaisieux | Email
Late Sixteenth and Seventeenth century French literature and intellectual history (with particular emphasis on the Baroque period and women writers)

Associate Professor Vlad Dima | Email
French New Wave cinema, Francophone cinemas, Hitchcock, Tarantino/American auteur cinema, Quebec novel, theater of the absurd

Assistant Professor Jennifer Gipson | Email
Nineteenth-century French literature; folklore and orality in literature; the development of the story; literature and culture of French Louisiana

Prof. Richard Goodkin | Email
Comparative literature, Proust

Prof. Ullrich Langer | Email
Early modern French and Italian literature and intellectual history

Senior Lecturer Eva Miernowska | Email
Twentieth century French Literature, second language acquisition

Prof. Jan Miernowski | Email
French literature of the Sixteenth century; poetics and philosophy in the Renaissance

Associate Prof. Nevine El-Nossery | Email
North African and French Candadian literatures, metafictional historiography, migrant writing and exile, women’s autobiography, Middle Eastern literature and culture.

Prof. François Tochon | Email
French language education, language teaching and methods, applied semiotics, video-based research

Prof. and CGES Director Emerita Florence Vatan | Email
Nineteenth century poetry and fiction, literature and science (psychology; medicine), literature and philosophy, Twentieth century Austrian literature, European intellectual and cultural history

Prof. Anne Vila | Email
Eighteenth century French novel and theater; the body in literature and medicine; Enlightenment philosophy (sensualism, materialism, libertinism, anthropology); the Encyclopédie; the figure of the homme/femme de lettres from Fontenelle to Balzac

Associate Prof. Heather Willis Allen |Email
Second language acquisition–L2 writing instruction, L2 teacher development, literacy-based approaches to L2 instruction

Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Prof. Mark Rickenbach | Email
Forest and natural resources.


Assistant Prof. Holly Gibbs | Email
How and why people use land around the world, and the associated consequences for the environment and global carbon cycle

Prof. Robert Kaiser | Email
Political Geography, Ethnic Geography, Population Geography, Eurasian (Soviet, post-Soviet and East European) Studies

Prof. Kris Olds | Email
Geographical organization of power in relation to contemporary socio-economic and spatial transformations

German, Nordic, Slavic


Prof. Emeritus Hans Adler | Email
German literature from the Eighteenth to Twentieth century; aesthetics; functions of literary and artistic discourses; history of rationality and reason; interrelationship between philosophy and literature

Associate Prof. Salvatore Calomino | Email
Medieval German literature, Middle High German language, heroic and courtly epic, paleography, hagiography

Prof. Monika Chavez | Email
Foreign language production, the acquisition of German as a first, second, and foreign language

Associate Prof. Hannah Eldridge | Email
Late Eighteenth to Twenty-first-century German-language literature, culture, and philosophy; especially lyric poetry, music, and the relationship between sound and text

Prof.  Karen Evans-Romaine | Email
Boris Pasternak, intertextuality in Russian Modernism, interrelationship of music and literature, German-Russian literary relations, European Modernism and Romanticism; foreign language pedagogy

Prof. Sabine Groß | Email
Literary theory, narratology, stylistics, reading research, image/text relations, contemporary German-language authors, theater and film

Prof. Emeritus Rob Howell | Email
Explanatory models of linguistic change, explanatory models of linguistic change, ranging from early Germanic phonology to sociolinguistic factors influencing the development of Early Modern Dutch and German

Prof. and CGES Director Sonja Klocke | Email | CV
Late eighteenth to twenty-first century German literature and culture; GDR, “Wende” and unification; post-1945 cinema; women’s writing; globalization; transnationalism; memory theory; body concepts; gender theory

Prof. Mark Louden | Email
Syntactic theory, psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic factors in language contact and syntactic change, synchrony and diachrony of languages strongly affected by contact, including Yiddish, Pennsylvania German, and pidgins and creoles

Prof. B. Venkat Mani | Email
19th to 21st Century German literature and culture; World literature; Translation; the Novel; Migrants and Refugees in the German, European, and global contexts; Literature and Migration; Print- and digital cultural histories; Theories of cosmopolitanism, globalization, post-colonialism, and transnationalism

Associate Prof. Sabine Mödersheim | Email
Early Modern literature and culture, emblematics, rhetoric

Prof. Pamela Potter | Email
Music and culture in the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany and the impact of German immigration on American music and scholarship

Faculty Associate Jeanne Schueller | Email
Second language acquisition, foreign language pedagogy, authentic materials in L2 teaching and learning, in particular film, study abroad

Assistant Prof. Katerina Somers | Email
Historical linguistics, syntactic and morphosyntactic change in Germanic, orality and literacy in early medieval Europe, early Germanic verse

Prof. Emeritus Marc Silberman | Email
German cinema, Bertolt Brecht, Twentieth century, culture, literary historiography

Assistant Prof. Adam Stern | Email
Continental Philosophy, Jewish Thought, Race and Religion, Secularism, Political Theology, Translation Theory

Prof. Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor | Email
Dutch and German literature and culture, Dutch (anti-) colonial writing, Dutch- and German-Jewish literature, and exile writings


Assistant Prof. Claus Andersen | Email
Scandinavian languages and literature

Prof. Susan Brantly | Email
Scandinavian languages and literature

Prof. and Nordic Section Head Thomas DuBois | Email
Folklore and Folklife, Finnish, Estonian, and Sami Languages and Literature

Senior Lecturer Peggy Hager | Email
Second language acquisition, pedagogy, CALL (computer assisted language learning), issues in reading and writing and Twentieth century Norwegian prose

Assistant Prof. Dean Krouk | Email
Norwegian Studies

Faculty Associate Scott Mellor | Email
Scandinavian Medieval Studies

Assistant Prof. Benjamin Mier Cruz| Email
Inter-sectional representations of gender sexuality and ethnic diversity in Nordic and German cinema, literature, and culture

Assistant Prof. Liina-Ly Roos| Email
Nordic and Baltic film studies, images of children in Western and Eastern Europe

Faculty Associate Agnete Schmidt | Email
Women’s Literature and poetry, in the U.S., England, and Scandinavia

Prof. Ethelene Whitmire | Email
School of Library and Information Studies African American studies, academic library use, research practices, women’s studies, Scandinavian studies

Prof. Kirsten Wolf | Email
Old Norse Studies


Prof. Manon van de Water | Email
Interdependence of meaning and material conditions in theatre for adults and youth, Russian theatre, and Dutch theatre for youth


Faculty Associate Nâlân Erbil | Email
Influence of women on modern Turkish theater; Modern Ottoman and post-imperial Turkish literature; literature and ethics; literary public sphere; orality and literacy; state and the writer; migration; post-colonial/world literature; cinema; social justice and literacy education in foreign language teaching.


Assistant Prof. Amos Bitzen | Email
Modern European Jewish History, History of Zionism

Assistant Prof. Brandon J. Bloch| Email
Modern German and European History, History of human rights and International law, Holocaust and Genocide studies, race and migration, religion and politics

Prof. Laird Boswell | Email
Modern French history (1800-present), Twentieth century European social and political history, rural history, European Socialism, history of voting behavior

Assistant Prof. Giuliana Chamedes | Email
Twentieth century European international history

Assistant Prof. Kathryn Ciancia | Email
Modern Europe and Eastern Europe, Poland, mass violence, nationalism, ethnic relationslinks between physical spaces, projected identities, hierarchies of civilization, history of the relationships between the Polish interwar state, Polish citizens abroad, members of the Polish diaspora

Prof. Suzanne Desan | Email
Early modern French cultural history, particularly the French Revolution

Prof. Emerita Colleen Dunlavy | Email
History of American political economy; comparative industrialization; history of American technology; American business history, historiography, impact of politics, broadly construed, on the process of industrial change

Prof. Joan Fujimura | Email
Sociology of Science and Technology, Sociology of Medicine, Qualitative Methods, Theory, Gender, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Work and Organizations

Ambrose-Hesseltine Associate Prof. John W. Hall | Email
Native American and Early American history, military history

Vilas Distinguished Achievement Prof. Francine Hirsch | Email
Russian and Soviet history, Modern European history, comparative empires

Prof. Florence Hsia | Email
Early modern European science; Jesuit science; science and European expansion (esp. into East Asia)

Associate Prof. Pernille Ipsen | Email
Cultural and social history of the Atlantic world, interracial marriage,  developments in social categories of race and gender during European colonialism, encounters with “others” around the globe

Prof. Richard Keller | Email
European and colonial medicine and public health, history of psychiatry and psychoanalysis, history of the human sciences, science and race

Prof. Marc Kleijwegt | Email
Community and society in the Roman Empire, childhood and youth, slavery

Associate Prof. Elizabeth Lapina | Email
Crusades, medieval historical writings, and medieval visual culture

Prof. and Distinguished Chair David McDonald | Email
The History of Imperial Russia (1649-1917); social, intellectual, political and diplomatic

Vilas Research and William Coleman Prof. Gregg Mitman | Email
History of ecology; environment and health, Twentieth century life sciences; science in America; science and film

Prof. and Department Chair Leonora Neville | Email
Society and culture of the eastern Roman Empire (the Byzantine Empire) in the ninth through twelfth centuries, late antique and classical antecedents of the medieval eastern Mediterranean cultures

Prof. Lynn Nyhart | Email
History of biology, especially natural history, genetics, and evolution, and marine biology; biology and society; feminist approaches to science, technology, and gender

Distinguished Achievement Prof. Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen | Email
U.S. intellectual and cultural history, history of philosophy, and the transatlantic flow of intellectual and cultural movements

Prof. William Reese | Email
History of education in Europe and America

Prof. Mary Lou Roberts | Email
Late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Europe, particularly in France. Women and gender, particularly the problem of gender and change, “eccentric” women throughout Europe and America as well as France

Prof. Karl Shoemaker | Email
Medieval Legal History, including the English common law, medieval Roman and canon law; the barbarian codes, and late-imperial Roman law; history of criminal law and punishment

Kemal H. Karpat Assistant Prof. of History Daniel Stolz | Email
Ottoman History; the history of science; the history of the Middle East

Prof. Emerita Johann Sommerville | Email
English Political, Social and Intellectual History in the periods from the later Middle Ages to the Eighteenth Century

Associate Prof. Claire Taylor | Email
Ancient Greek world, social/political/economic history of fifth- and fourth-century BCE Athens, lived experience of marginalized peoples and the evidence they left behind, poverty in fourth-century Athens, ancient graffiti, political participation, female friendship

Associate Prof. Daniel Ussishkin | Email
British and European history since the Eighteenth century; war and society, gender and masculinity; history the human sciences; social theory and historiography

Prof. Lee Palmer Wandel | Email
Reformation, Early modern European culture and religion

Human Ecology

Prof. Emeritus R. Sheperd Zeldin | Email
Youth and community development, the role of youth-adult partnerships in promoting human development and social justice.


Prof. and Department Chair Stefania Buccini | Email
Early modern Italian literature with special focus on autobiography, travel accounts, theater, Baroque poetry and prose, philantropy and human rights at the age of the Enlightenment

Director of the Italian Language Program Loren Eadie | Email

Prof. Ernesto Livorni | Email
Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature; Italian Romanticism in the European context; Avant- garde literature and the visual arts; Hermeticist Poetry; Neo-Realism; literature and religion; hermeneutics

Associate Prof. Grazia Menechella | Email
Nineteenth and Twentieth century Italian literature, theories of irony and parody, women writers, cultural studies

Associate Prof. Kristin Phillips-Court | Email
Italian Renaissance literature and culture

Prof. Patrick Rumble | Email
Cinema and Twentieth century literature, especially recent Italian filmmakers, the cinema of the fascist period, theories of ideology, reception, filmic adaptation

Associate Prof. Jelena Todorovic  | Email
Medieval Italian literature, including material philogoy, codicology, and paleography; textual criticism; Provençal,classical and medieval Latin literary traditions in relation to the Italian literature of the origins; Dante; Petrarca; Boccaccio.

Journalism & Mass Communication

Maier-Bascom Prof. Dhavan Shah | Email
Influence of message framing and processing on decision-making and opinion formation; civic engagement and political participation; effects of computer-mediated interactions

La Follette School of Public Affairs

Assistant Prof. Mariel Barnes|
Comparative politics, European Union, Gender and Politics, Welfare State, Men’s Rights Activism.

Prof. Mark Copelovitch | Email
International Political Economy, Global Financial Governance, Exchange Rates and Monetary Institutions, the effects of Global Captial Flows on National Economic Policies, and Theories of International Cooperation.

Prof. Gregory Nemet | Email
Energy policy, science and technology policy, technological change, low-carbon energy, climate change, R&D Intellectual, institutional innovation, energy systems modeling.

Prof. Timothy Smeeding | Email
Mobility across generations, inequality of consumption and wealth, measurement of poverty in a national and cross-national context

Prof. Emerita Barbara Wolfe | Email
Health economics, public economics


Prof. Heinz Klug | Email
Constitutional transitions, constitution-building, human rights, international legal regimes and natural resources

Associate Prof. Alan Rubel | Email
Information Ethics and Policy; Privacy and Surveillance; Intellectual Property; Bioethics

Prof. Stephanie Tai | Email
Interaction between environment and health sciences, administrative law.

Prof. Jason Yackee | Email
International Law, International Institutions and International Politics; International Trade and Investment Law and Policy, International Business Transactions, Administrative Law and Regulation

Life Sciences Communication

Prof. and Department Chair Dominique Brossard | Email
Mass media and public opinion, media effects, strategic communication, science communication, health communication

John E. Ross Prof. Dietram Scheufele | Email
Public opinion and public opinion polling, public attitudes toward science and technology, political communication, internet and democracy.


Prof. Joseph Salmons | Email
Theories of phonology, language change and morphology using data from historical and contemporary Germanic languages, including German dialects in America

Management and Human Resources

Prof. Emeritus Randall Dunham| | Email
Distance education, Global issues, Organizational behavior


Prof. Jan Heide | Email
Channels of distribution, Inter-organizational relationship, Strategic decisions, Vertical market restrictions

Medical History and Bioethics

Prof. Emerita Linda Hogle  | Email
Socio-cultural, organizational, and legal-regulatory issues in emerging biomedical engineering technologies and regenerative medicine.

Prof. Richard Keller | Email
European and colonial medicine and public health, history of psychiatry and psychoanalysis, history of the human sciences, science and race

Memorial Library

Western European History and Social Sciences Librarian Julianne Haahr | Email

German Language Humanities and General Philosophy Librarian Kevin Kurdylo | Email

Scandinavian Humanities and Classics Associate Librarian Todd Michelson-Ambelang | Email


Prof. Leslie Blasius | Email
Music theory, historical musicology, Eighteenth century theories of the origin of music

Associate Prof. Margaret  Butler | Email
Eighteenth century European opera, musical theater, prima donna and celebrity culture, Italian opera

Prof. Susan Cook | Email
Musicology, contemporary and American music of all kinds, German Opera

Prof. David Crook | Email

Prof. Charles Dill | Email
History of opera and the Classical period

Prof. Teryl Dobbs | Email
Musical representations of trauma and pedagogies related to the Shoah; undertakes archival study of child survivor testimonies regarding music learning activities in Theresienstadt; interrogates theories of disability and nondisability within music education; and explores preservice music educators’ constructions of teaching identity and praxis

Prof. Brian Hyer | Email
Construction (and reconstruction) of historical modes of cognition for music of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries, music of Bach, Rameau, Mozart, Schubert, and Wagner

Prof. Jeanne Swack | Email
Music of the German baroque, especially J. S. Bach and Georg Philip Telemann, as well as antisemitism in musical texts


Prof. Harry Brighouse | Email
Political Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Education, Education Policy (US and UK)

Associate Prof. Emily Fletcher | Email
Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, Plato’s late psychology and ethics

Director of Undergraduate Studies Martha Gibson | Email
Philosophy of language and mind and on Kant

Prof. Paula Gottlieb | Email
Ancient Greek Philosophy and Ethics

Associate Prof. James Messina | Email
Kant’s theoretical philosophy

William H. Hay II & Evjue-Bascom Prof. in Humanities Steven Nadler | Email
History of early modern philosophy and Jewish philosophy

Assistant Prof. Anat Schechtman | Email
Intersection of philosophy and mathematics in the early modern period, notions of infinity in the seventeenth century in Descartes, Locke, and Leibniz, and the metaphysics of substance in Descartes and Spinoza

Prof. Lawrence Shapiro | Email
Evolutionary psychology, the psychology of perception, embodied cognition, and artificial intelligence, multiple realizability

Lecturer Hank Southgate | Email
Kant and German Idealism

Planning and Landscape Architecture

Assistant Prof. Kristin Thorleifsdottir | Email
Environmental planning, sustainable development, public health, urban design

Political Science

Associate Prof. Richard Avramenko | Email
Ancient and continental political thought

Prof. Mark Copelovitch | Email
International Political Economy, Global Financial Governance, Exchange Rates and Monetary Institutions, the effects of Global Captial Flows on National Economic Policies, and Theories of International Cooperation.

Prof. Daniel Kapust | Email
History of Political Thought and Trice Faculty Scholar

Prof. Jon Pevehouse | Email
International relations theory, international security, foreign policy, international political economy, and political methodology

Prof. Nils Ringe | Email
European Union politics (in particular the institutions of the European Union), political parties, legislatures, and elections.

Prof. Scott Straus | Email
Genocide, violence, human rights, African politics.

Assistant Prof. Michelle Schwarze | Email
Political Science

Population Health Sciences

Prof. Thomas Oliver | Email
Health policy, health services research, public health systems, social and behaviorial sciences.

Prof. Emerita Barbara Wolfe | Email
Health economics, public economics

Professional French Masters Program

Executive Director Ritt Deitz | Email

School of Library and Information Sciences

Associate Prof. Alan Rubel | Email
Information Ethics and Policy; Privacy and Surveillance; Intellectual Property; Bioethics

Social and Administrative Pharmacy

Associate Prof. John Scarborough | Email
Greek and Roman medicine and pharmacy


Associate Prof. and Associate Department Chair Joseph Conti | Email
Economic change and development, Economic sociology, law and society, political sociology

Romnes Prof. of Sociology Felix Elwert | Email
Aging and Life Course, Demography and Ecology, Family, Gender, Methods and Statistics, Race and Ethnic Studies, Social Statification

Prof. Ivan Ermakoff | Email
Class Analysis and Historical Change, Historical (comparative) Sociology, Organizational and Occupational Analysis, Political Sociology

Prof. Joan Fujimura | Email
Sociology of Science and Technology, Sociology of Medicine, Qualitative Methods, Theory, Gender, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Work and Organizations

Prof. Ted Gerber | Email
Demography and Ecology, Education, Methods and Statistics, Social Stratification

Prof. Chad Goldberg | Email
Historical (comparative) Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Movements and Collective Action, Sociology of Culture

Associate Prof. Michael Light | Email
International Migration, Racial/Ethnic Stratification, Crime

Prof. Emerita Myra Marx Ferree | Email
Class Analysis and Historical Change, Family, Gender, Historical (comparative) Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Movements and Collective Action, Social Psychology

Spanish and Portuguese

Associate Prof. Mercedes Alcalá-Galán | Email
Early Modern Spanish literature, especially poetics, literary theory, gender studies and cultural studies with regard to sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Spain

Associate Prof. Pablo Ancos | Email
Medieval Spanish Literature with emphasis on Thirteenth-century cuaderna via poetry

Prof. Kata Beilin | Email
Contemporary Spanish narrative and film, Romanticism in Europe

Prof. Ksenija Bilbija | Email
Contemporary Spanish American writing, cultural studies (including post-traumatic memory), and gender criticism.

Prof. Glen S. Close | Email
Twentieth century Spanish-American narrative and transatlantic dynamics

Prof. Ivy Corfis | Email
Medieval Spanish literature, especially Fifteenth-century prose romances and Celestina

Prof. Juan Egea | Email
Contemporary Peninsular poetry and film

Prof. Emerita Diana Frantzen | Email
Second language acquisition, language pedagogy, and applied linguistics

Prof. David Hildner | Email
Spanish Renaissance and Portuguese literature

Prof. Steven Hutchinson | Email
Spanish prose and poetry of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries

Prof. Luis Madureira | Email
European Modernism and Modernity in Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean, Luso-Brazilian colonial and postcolonial studies

Associate Prof. Rajiv Rao | Email
Phonetics, phonology, prosody, heritage languages, Afro-Hispanic linguistics, second language acquisition

Prof. Kathryn Sanchez | Email
Nineteenth and twentieth century Luso-Brazilian narrative, contemporary women writers, visual culture and gender studies

Prof. Ellen Sapega | Email
Modernist Portuguese literature, Portuguese culture

Associate Prof. Catherine Stafford | Email
Bilingual development, adult SLA and development, maintenance of bilingual Spanish in post-migrant, Spanish-as-a-heritage-language (SHL)

Women’s Studies

Prof. Emerita Susan Stanford Friedman | Email
Twentieth-Century British, American, post-colonial literature, modernism, women’s writing, feminist theory and criticism, global/transnational/border studies, film, anthropology, and geography

Prof. Emerita Myra Marx Ferree | Email
Class Analysis and Historical Change, Family, Gender, Historical (comparative) Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Movements and Collective Action, Social Psychology

Associate Prof. Pernille Ipsen | Email
Cultural and social history of the Atlantic world, interracial marriage,  developments in social categories of race and gender during European colonialism, encounters with “others” around the globe.