European Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison brings together scholars from across the campus and links departments, courses, and people to specialized knowledge on Europe, its history, languages and cultures, and the European Union as an international actor.  Through symposia, conferences, course development, and guest speakers on a variety of topics concerning Europe, this area studies unit provides resources for the campus, the State of Wisconsin, and domestic and international partners. European Studies is located in the International Division of the UW-Madison.

Currently, European Studies offers U.S. Department of Education Title VI Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships, hosts the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Center for German & European Studies, and holds three awards from the European Commission Erasmus + Jean Monnet Program. It also hosted a National Resource Center, the Center for European Studies, from 2000-2018.

Our activities educate university audiences, the K-14 community, the broader public and state agencies about Europe, and provide fellowships for the acquisition of lesser-commonly-taught-languages for graduate and undergraduate students. The UW-Madison is home to more than 20 departments offering Europe-related courses.  Students at the university have the opportunity to study almost all European languages and can choose from hundreds of courses on Europe.