European Studies Certificate

European Studies Certificate Program

Advising Appointments

Please contactacademic advisor Dr. Csanád Siklós at with any questions, or to set up a virtual appointment via Starfish.

The European Studies Program offers undergraduates the opportunity to earn a Certificate in European Studies.  Potential recipients of the Certificate:

-Demonstrate a commitment to the study of Europe by attaining competency in a European language (other than English);

-Take either courses that address Europe as a whole or a combination of courses that cover at least three European countries or sub regions from at least two different departments.

The Certificate in European Studies is a valuable entry on an undergraduate’s record.  For undergraduates applying to graduate schools to study Europe, the Certificate can point to a sustained level of interest in the continent.  For students seeking employment in the business dealing with Europe, the Certificate can demonstrate a breadth of background in the continent not normally found among U.S. undergraduates.

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Requirements for the Certificate

Successfully complete 7 courses drawn from at least TWO disciplines that focus on Europe, its regions or countries in one of the following ways:

    • All courses* address Europe as a whole by focusing on topics such as the European Union, European History, or European Literature;
    • Courses address at least three European countries or regions such as Portugal, France, or Scandinavia; or
    • A combination of courses focusing on Europe as a whole and courses focusing on at least two European countries or regions.

Satisfy L&S foreign language requirement in a European language other than English.

Fulfill requirements of a B.S. or B.A. degree in an established major in a school or college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 (BC) in all courses that you wish to count toward the Certificate.

Complete a Certificate Declaration Form by emailing Dr. Csanád Siklós at

*Europe-related “topics” courses, study abroad, and/or graduate level courses may also be counted with the permission of the Center. Contact the advisor for more information.

For more information please look at the Certificate Brochure.