2022 IRIS Graduate Summer Fieldwork Awards: Featuring European-Studies Affiliated Students

The 2022 IRIS Graduate Student Summer Fieldwork Awards were announced on Wednesday, April 27th. This annual award of $3,000 is given to University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate students to support field research or other work abroad. The competition is always tight, and this year was no exception seeing a record number of applicants. We are so proud that two European Studies-Affiliated students are among the winners this year!

Kathleen Cawley is a Ph.D. candidate in the Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies program. Her work looks at the proliferation of content that engages real people, events, and cultural trauma in contemporary Irish theatre. She focuses on works that center the experiences of queer folks, women, institutionalized children, and indigenous language speakers, narratives erased by the cultural oppression and institutional violence rooted in Catholic Church doctrine and practice. This award will allow her to access performance archives and speak with Irish artists.

Erin Clancy  is a Ph.D. student in Geography. Their research in Disability Studies and feminist geographic framework is used to deconstruct the transnational medical-cultural imaginaries of anorexia nervosa and how it relates to broader biopolitical imperial formations. They will be traveling to northern Italy this summer to visit various medical and organization archives to study the writings of various figures central to the reflection of how anorexia’s diagnostic logics in the 19th century became institutionalized with the rise of eating disorders treatment centers.

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