Elizabeth Covington

Executive Director



Dr. Elizabeth Covington is Faculty Associate and Executive Director of European Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she writes grants for and administers three independent centers funded by the US Department of Education, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the European Commission’s Erasmus + Jean Monnet Program. Each year Elizabeth works closely with at least 100 of the 245 faculty affiliated with European Studies, in disciplines ranging from Political Science to German to Law, to plan and implement programs on Europe and the EU. She also collaborates with diverse off-campus constituencies—regionally, nationally, and internationally, especially those in business and international education (Madison Committee on Foreign Relations, Council for European Studies, German-American Chamber of Commerce). Elizabeth earned a doctorate in Modern European History from UCLA and an advanced degree from the University of Paris, and has been teaching history, French, English and International Studies at the University level since 1987. She has won fellowships and awards from the European Commission, the DAAD and the Andrew Mellon Foundation. She currently teaches for the International Studies major at the UW-Madison.