The Chocolate Battle for Teachers

If you’re unfamiliar with the debate over chocolate that has taken place in the European Union for the past 30 years, begin by reading the Chocolate Battle scenario for students. Of course, the matter is a bit more complex then that – but not much more so. The following website offers a more detailed review:

Case History of the Chocolate Directive

News reports:

RTE (Ireland) News Report : EU chocolate controversy ends – Be sure to watch the video!

BBC News, October 24, 1997 story: UK loses battle in Chocolate War

BBC News, June 21, 1999 story: EU deadlock over art and chocolate

Official Documents:

Report on the Chocolate Directive by the United Kingdom Parliament

EUROPA Summary of Legislation: Cocoa and Chocolate

Directive 2000/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 June 2000 relating to cocoa and chocolate products intended for human consumption Directive 2000/36/EC

Related issues:

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World Wide Words on suggested name for British-style chocolate: Vegelate

BBC News: Africa cocoa slavery ‘exaggerated’

Outcomes of the Chocolate Directive:

Britain wins EU chocolate battle – European court orders Italy and Spain to follow directive

France’s take on the Chocolate War – Click “Read about the chocolate war” at the top