Center for European Studies Director, Professor Mark Copelovitch, featured in recent episode of “New York Time’s The Argument” on freedom of speech on college campuses, the University of Austin.

By Megan Shaw

In a December 2021 episode of “The Argument” titled “Is the University of Austin Just a PR Stunt,” Jane Coaston interviewed the Center for European Studies Director, Professor Mark Copelovitch alongside Greg Lukianoff, president and C.E.O of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. The conversation was focused on campus speech, academic freedoms, and the University of Austin. Being involved in higher education for nearly 20 years, Copelovitch spoke about his experiences at Ivy League and public institutions. He commented on the amount of time, administrative resources, and money that is required to run a university and the possible outcomes the University of Austin could experience. The University of Austin is an aspiring university committed to “freedom of inquiry” and “innovative curriculum.”

In addition to the discussion about the University of Austin, Copelovitch spoke about academic freedom at universities and the challenges of balancing diverse viewpoints between all departments at a university given the current political environment. He also explained the effects social media has on the issues and how certain strategies can be used by individuals and groups to accelerate campus and free speech conversations.