Badger Talks Podcast: War Crimes and the Russian War on Ukraine with Dr. Francine Hirsch

Francine Hirsch

Dr. Francine Hirsch is a historian of Modern Europe with a specialization in Russia and the Soviet Union. She is also a Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of History. Her research and teaching interests include Russian and Soviet History, Modern European History, Comparative Empires, the History of Human Rights, and Russian-American Engagement.

By: Sydney Radwin


War Crimes and the Russian War on Ukraine with Dr. Francine Hirsch

This Badger Talks Podcast interviewed Dr. Francine Hirsch to obtain a professional opinion on war crimes and the Russian War on Ukraine. First, it goes into an overview of war crimes and the crimes against humanity that Russia has committed which include: kidnapping, mass raids, targeting civilian buildings, as well as targeting Ukraine’s culture. There have been over 90,000+ cases of war crimes within these past 14 months.

The next portion of the podcast goes into the role of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and what can be done to prosecute Putin for the war of aggression. Who does the prosecuting? Can you prosecute a leader who is still in power?

Finally, at the end of the podcast, viewers are able to learn a little bit more about Dr. Francine Hirsch’s hobbies, life, and favorite things to do in Madison, Wisconsin.


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