About the Jean Monnet Center

Wisconsin’s Jean Monnet EU Center of Excellence will plan a variety of workshops, events, research trips and teaching opportunities, which will enhance the debate and exchange of experiences about the EU and encourage and facilitate research on pressing current events relating to democracy, legitimacy, and representation in the EU; global trade in the post-Brexit era; social policy; and medical technology policy. These events are designed explicitly to bring outside high-level experts to the campus to exchange ideas with UW-Madison faculty and students, evaluate research, facilitate external collaborations, and enable the creation of high-impact research to be published in top academic journals and academic presses. Proposed campus visitor programs include short-term intensive instruction with Marshall-Monnet Scholars-in-Residence, and semester-long courses with a Diplomat-in-Residence, and State Department Official-in-Residence. This will create networks of faculty, staff and students associated with the Center, e.g. the EU Horizon think-tank for US undergraduates for which Wisconsin has a fledgling chapter, and bringing existing, new, or potential collaborators of its associated faculty to campus for workshops or one of the visitor programs, the Center will exploit the excellence and reputation of UW-Madison faculty to establish more institutionalized and long-lasting relationships with external partners.