About the Jean Monnet Center

In 2015-2018, affiliates of the Wisconsin Jean Monnet EU Center of Excellence have collectively demonstrated the role of the EU as a major player in addressing global challenges, working to understand the internal development of the EU itself as a multi-level structure of governance, including how it is facing the challenges of parliamentary deliberation across multiple variations in the member states. Our Center sponsored 27 events and workshops just in the first year, featuring specialists on EU and transatlantic affairs, especially those with significant global impact (e.g., policy on migration and human rights, the EU’s impact of diplomacy at the global levels, security issues related to recent terrorist activity, and global finance including the Eurozone). Audiences totaled 10,000+ persons. We released information on our Center and the EU through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, weblogs and through mainstream regional media. Our new Jean Monnet website can be accessed at http:/europe.wisc.edu. Our digital media includes Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/EuropeanStudiesAllianceMadison/); our Twitter feed handle is @ESatUWMadison, and we belong to the US-based European Union Studies Association (EUSA) based out of the University of Pittsburgh where our Jean Monnet Center appears (https://www.eustudies.org/).

Eight upper-division undergraduate and graduate courses on the EU were taught through International Studies, Political Science, and Public Policy with 263 enrollees. Our faculty continue to publish articles and edited volumes containing significant new scholarship on the EU and its global importance via academic journals, digital components for courses, monographs, continuing education courses, press releases, etc.

The WISC-EU Jean Monnet Center provided competitive funding for 7 graduate and undergraduate students. Research awards included 2 competitively-won trips to attend the Seattle-based Nationwide EU Simulations (Sean Bray, Christian Blank), 1 annual Jean Monnet European Union Center of Excellence graduates student research awards (Maayan Mor), 1 student attendance at the week-long Brussels EU (Kelsey Beunig, one of 31 participants from across the US), 1 K-16 instructor attendance at the same event, and 2 graduate fellowships for advanced scholars in political science. These students will present original research, and hopefully cutting-edge scholarship on knowledge of the European Union and its global relevance, through these awards. Other deliverables are more intangible but include the creation of institutionalized and long-lasting relationships between UW-Madison faculty, graduate students and undergraduates with external partners including other US- and European-based Jean Monnet recipients, working groups in interdisciplinary topics such as Big Data, comparative politics, monetary policy, comparative migration, etc.

Finally, the Center’s activities—workshops, presentations, roundtables, public lectures—will are always open to the general public to ensure an open exchange between high-level experts from UW-Madison and its external partners and practitioners, stakeholders, and students, and to offer members of local and regional civil society exposure to pressing current events and developments. To ensure these benefits and ensure outside participation, the Center raises awareness of its activities, advertises its events, distributes news using its website, email digest, social media presence, and maintains links with regional organizations and local, regional, national, and international media outlets. In April of 2017, JMEUCE hosted the Europe in Crisis event and workshop. The write-up can be found here as well as Friday’s Europe in Crisis Roundtable Schedule the European Horizons Conference Prospectus.