Inés Dussel

February 22 @ 4 pm

Co-sponsored by the Center for European Studies, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, and the School of Education’s Global Education Committee and Global Engagement Office. Introduced and organized by Thomas Popkewitz, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction as part of the Center for European Studies Spring 2021 Virtual Lecture Series and as part of the Internationalizing Educational Knowledge Virtual Public Lecture Series.

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The internationalization of pedagogical knowledge. The case of tactile pedagogies, 1920-1960.

Abstract: The talk will discuss the internationalization of educational knowledge through the thread of design education and tactile pedagogies between the 1920s and the 1960s. I will introduce the relevance of tactility as a pedagogical strategy in the first half of the twentieth century, particularly in the Bauhaus school (1919-1933). I will follow its developments through the work of some European exilés in the United States and their institutional contexts during and after WWII, when they became embedded in educational research as pivotal concepts such as creativity and experimentation. I am interested in understanding the connections between tactile pedagogies and the production of a new sensorium for a new kind of governmentality.

Inés Dussel is Researcher and Professor at the Department of Educational Research, CINVESTAV Mexico City, Mexico. Her research interests focus on the relationships among knowledge, schooling, and politics, in a historical and cultural approach. She is currently studying the intersections between schools and digital visual culture, and has developed comparative research projects on the impact of digital technologies in teacher education in four Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay) and in secondary schools in Argentina and Mexico. Her latest work discusses the changes in the space-times of schooling and the effects of digital media on classroom pedagogies.

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