The 50th Anniversary of the Stockholm Conference: Racial Capitalism and Climate Justice

This event has passed.


Co-sponsored by the Center for European Studies and the Global Legal Studies Center in the UW-Madison Law School.

4-14 Racial Capitalism and Climate Law Symposium

A two-day symposium by the GLS featuring outside speakers as they discuss the theory and praxis surrounding climate action and how racial experience and racialized capital
impact this justice.

The concept of racial capitalism has been embraced by scholars and activists as a means of exploring the common roots of contemporary social and ecological crises. These include unprecedented environmental degradation, extreme economic inequality, the resurgence of authoritarian ethno-nationalism, increasingly militarized and racialized policing and border control, and the expulsion to the margins of society of growing numbers of humans, including persons who are unemployed, incarcerated, or homeless.

Friday, April 14th: 9:30am-5:30pm at 3250-Appellate Courtroom

Saturday, April 15th: 9:30am-12:30pm at 7200-Lubar Commons