GAFIS Symposium: Living the Land-Global and Local (Trans)Formations

This event has passed.

Pyle Center 235
@ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Co-sponsored by the Center for European Studies, GAFIS, and FRIT.

This symposium will be a discussion on global debates concerning environmental change. It relies heavily on disciplines as far reaching as cinema and media studies, literature, environmental studies, sociology, geography, postcolonial studies, food studies, and more.

The featured speaker of this year will be Dr. Candance Fujikane (Ph.D, UC Berkley, 1996). She is a Professor of English at the University of Hawaii and she specializes in Hawaii literatures, Kanaka Maoli and critical settler cartographies, Indigenous knowledges and climate change, decolonial and abolitionist futures, critical ethnic studies, ecocriticism, and cultural studies