Europe and Global Climate Change

Download LESSON PLAN Global Climate Change EUR.doc

The topic of this module is Europe and Global Climate Change. In this downloadable lesson plan, you will find material to support and augment the lesson plan. The materials for this module are geared towards middle and high-school levels, but may well be used at the college level as a general introduction to the climate change and the European response to this crisis.

Europe is facing many of the same challenges with climate change as we are in the US. Through this lesson plan, students will be introduced to multiple possible solutions to problems presented by a warming climate. The lesson plan puts a special focus on the comparison of the very similar climates of Wisconsin and Germany and explores how cultural differences impact the local response.

Global climate change is a topic of great interest to many young people. It is an issue that requires an understanding of cause and effect, innovation,cultural competency, and collaboration; life skills that will help students in a changing world.

This lesson plan was designed in 2020 by Nancy Heingartner of UW-Madison IRIS specifically to meet the state of Wisconsin's K-12 social studies 7-grade standards.