Past Events

Dr. Andreas Etges, “A Hot Debate Over a Cold War: The Plan for a Cold War Museum at Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin”

April 17, 2017

Stefanos Geroulanos, “Temporal Loops, Prophesy, and Apocalypse in the Assemblage of the Nazi New Man”

April 13, 2017

Video Conference – “Portuguese Identity” featuring Professor Ellen Sapega

April 11, 2017

Roundtable: Europe in Crisis: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead

April 7, 2017

Europe in Crisis: The Future of the EU and Trans-Atlantic Relations

April 6, 2017

Oliver James, “How do Citizens Use Performance Data? Evidence from the UK”

April 5, 2017

Oliver James, “Politicized Bureaucracy in a Merit-based System: Permanent Secretaries’ Tenure in the UK”

April 4, 2017

World Cinema Day

April 3, 2017

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