Jean Monnet Faculty

Nils Ringe
Jean Monnet Chair
Professor, Political Science
Areas of Specialization: European Union, Political Institutions

Elizabeth Covington
Module Coordinator
Executive Director of European Studies
Areas of Specialization: Modern European History; European consumer and environmental policy


Jean Monnet Projects
Mark Copelovitch  Bio | Email
Associate Professor, Political Science
Areas of Specialization: Globalization, International finance, International institutions, International trade, Political economy

Myra Marx Ferree  Bio | Email
Alice H. Cook Professor of Sociology and Gender & Women’s Studies
Director of the European Union Center of Excellence
Area of Specialization: Feminist organizations and politics in the US, Germany and internationally; Gender inequality in families; Gender in sociological theory and practice; gender intersecionality with race and class

Donald Moynihan  Bio | Email
Professor, Public Affairs
Areas of Specialization: Organization theory, Public management reform



Vicki M. Bier
Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Dominique Brossard
Professor, Life Sciences Communication

Theodore Gerber
Professor, Sociology

Linda Hogle
Professor, Medical History and Bioethics

Mark Johnson
Assistant Professor, Educational Policy Studies

Heinz Klug
Professor, School of Law

Gregory Nemet
Professor, Public Affairs

Kris Olds
Professor, Geography

Thomas Oliver
Professor, Population Health Sciences

Jon Pevehouse
Professor, Political Science

Csanád Z. Siklós
Assistant Director and Outreach Specialist, European Studies

Timothy Smeeding
Professor, Public Affairs and Economics

Paul Wilson
Professor, College of Engineering