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2017 Workshop of Climate Engineering Agenda 

September 14, 2017: Public Lecture and Discussion forum, 5:30pm, Mechanical Engineering Hall Auditorium 1106: “Searching for Answers on a Warming Planet: Why We May Need Climate Engineering” by Simon Nicholson, American University, School of International Service & Co-Director, Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment
Overview: Artificially whitening clouds. Injecting reflective particles into the stratosphere. Seeding the oceans with iron. These and a range of other climate engineering or “geoengineering” schemes are gaining increasing visibility and credibility as options for tackling climate change. What, though, is to be made of such efforts? Is climate engineering a new form of hucksterism? A dangerous and distracting folly? Or some meaningful part of the toolkit to generate a sustainable future?

Moderator:   Paul Robbins, Nelson Institute
Discussants: Dominique Brossard, UW-Madison
Elisabeth Graffy, Arizona State University

September 15, 2017: Workshop on Climate Engineering Governance: Deepening the Dialogue, 8:00am-5:15pm, Wisconsin Energy Institute, Conference room 1115. Space is limited.

Contact Emily Reynolds if you are interested in attending.

September 16, 2017: Day 2 of workshop on Climate Engineering (brainstorming session on next steps), by invitation only


Event Details

Workshop on Climate Engineering: Conceptualizing Law, Governance, Science, and Human Rights

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - Saturday, September 16, 2017

Madison, WI